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Jun 6, 2007

Prison in Australia

I got that mail recently, it shows photos of prisons in Australia, i enjoyed those pictures alot becuase how advanced and cleaned and providing somehow a good life style in prisons, i dont know as everyone will have different comments and opinions, but anyway its good to see nice scenes and a kind and respectable treatments even though to criminals or murderers the main point they are still human beings.

i think maybe free criminals will think that they will have nice life style in prison more than outside if they cannot afford to live so they may go to jail on purpose by committing more crimes or thefts ( just a thought)
but still a prison is a prison no freedom,the most cruel punishement is to be deprived from their freedom.
freedom is the most precious thing any human being can have on earth even if he was poor or living in low level in life.


J@n!ce said...

Are u sure that's the prison....looks so much tidier than my house..... ;)

tatamata said...

This prison make's me wanna be criminal person in Australia.


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