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May 19, 2007

Makeup Trend 2007

*This year it’s all about super-glossy skin and not too ‘’done’’ makeup. There is a darkness to this season’s fashion and beauty, from blood-red lips to distressed black eyeliner makeup.
The blush is essential for this year makeup. It will complement both your skin tone and the foundation type. Applying blush in natural tones is the easiest way to get a healthy and beautiful look makeup. Apply a light layer of blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend up back toward the hair line. Don’t apply too much blush otherwise it will look like a mask on your face.

The volume lashes have always been fashionable and that’s the way it is and this season. The first thing you should do in order to achieve extreme volume is to curl the makeup lashes. Sweep the mascara, starting as close to the root of the lash as possible to create a dramatically full and even effect. Use combs to get rid of clumps and separate lashes. It’s best to use waterproof mascara, it will stay longer and won’t fade.

Choose a lip gloss makeup in a shade that harmonizes nicely with the other colors. Concentrate the color on the centre of the lips to give the impression that you are very slightly flushed. Apply a high-shine lip-gloss with light-reflecting shimmer.

Apply eye liner makeup in a tone that complements the shadows you will be using. Pastels work on all eye colors, giving blues and greens a fairytale feeling and darker irises quirkiness. Remember to choose kohl that melts onto the skin. Smear the kohl along the upper lash line, as well as the lower lashes, blurring it further with a sponge applicator. Always curl your top lashes before applying the eyeliner on the lower lash line, or it will smudge.

Choose natural eyeshadows makeup in a light, shimmering shade that makes your eyes more sparkle. Apply the eyeshadows all over your eyes, beginning at the lashline and working up just above the crease. Remember the light shades bring out the eyes and the darker shades give dimension to the eyes. The most fashionable color this year is the blue. Combined with eyeshadows of pink shade it will make you look like a doll. Mixing and matching neutral shades found in compacts is the key to achieve the best look.

Natural eyebrows makeupThin eyebrows are out moded. The natural eyebrows that is medium to thick and that requires minimal hair removal will look best for this season. The natural shape of the brows is the perfect for you. Don’t change the shape of the eyebrows, unless you really have to.

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