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Mar 31, 2007

new styles

whenever i think of new designs or new styles for my work i like to surf the internet coz i like to get new ideas and combine it with my own ideas to come up all the time with new styles i will post those ideas i get them from other sites .
ofcourse everyone got his own style and taste ,i was thinking that it is easy for the ones who like to do some handmade work like my interests to go for it
i love handmade work on scarves and veils, bed sheets , towels ,women accessories ,hand bags and women clothes , home accessories these r all wht like to make it in nice and unique style using stones colorful strings ,ribbons,glitters, all sizes of the handmade working materials that r available every where.
when i design on a piece of paper and draw my idea for many times i add things and remove things and colors to the design and then when the design is done i start to practically doin it ....i enjoy that alot especially when anyone sees my work and like it too
i do that for me and my friends and as well as for gifts ...anyone can use it also as a small business or to urselves like hving something really so unique only for u i hve many ideas i will post them too, like if i hve a plain handbag i used many times instead of thrwoing it away i can change it with some colorful work on it so it will be new and different or if i hve a jeans thats old i can make a handbag also out of it, or if i hve a top with some drawings on it i can use small parts of shiny materials on the border of the top to rechange the look many ideas ill share them all in my posts keep following

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